Team Zuka – Zuka Beauty

Team Zuka

Meet Emily | Owner & Founder of Zuka Beauty | Brow Specialist & Dermal Therapist

Emily is passionate about all things beauty, whilst specialising in skin and brows. Her focus is to help you achieve long term skin health, in her own words she is ‘quite literally skin & brow obsessed.’

Emily takes great pride in customising a treatment plan for each individual, based on their skin concerns to help every beauty love the skin they are in.

With 10+ of experience, Emily found the passion she held for perfectly shaped brows. Furthering her brow skills and specialising in what she loves - Cosmetic Brow Tattooing, creating the perfect brow!

Outside of work Em is a wife and mum to her daughter Marley, a strong lover of coffee and her Labrador, Lucky!

Meet Alexandra | Salon Manager I Advanced Beauty & Dermal Therapist 

Alexandra Young - Dermal Therapist Originally from London, Alexandra brings over 15 years experience in the beauty, skin and cosmetic industry.

With a passion for skin science, Alexandra is qualified to perform clinical skin treatments and provides a personal, detailed skin assessment to treat and address a variety of skin conditions as well as ensuring that her clients are melting into the bed feeling relaxed. Her priority is to help her clients feel the best version of themselves and to glow inside and out!

Outside of work Alexandra is a devoted wife, a mother of 2 teens with a love for yoga, creative art and the great outdoors! 

Meet Tyler | Advanced Beauty & Dermal Therapist 

Tyler is an experienced beauty and skin specialist at Zuka Beauty. Whilst her most rewarding factor is that you can literally change people’s live’s in so many different ways whether it’s something as little as gaining some more confidence with a fresh set of brows to something as big as transforming the way someone looks, sees and feels about themselves.

To specialise in an industry where she can help someone regain their confidence and for them to feel special in their own skin is why Tyler endlessly loves the industry.

Stay beautiful & glow from inside and out. 

Meet Keely | Junior Therapist/Receptionist

It will most likely be our bubbly face Keely greeting you at reception or floating around the salon like a fairy.

Beauty has always been apart of Keely's life, from doing her sisters makeup for dance concerts or going with her mum to hair appointments. Either way she has always been around the buzz of a salon.

Keely is excited to take the step into her skin and beauty career where she looks forward to expanding her knowledge and beginning my journey in the world of beauty!

Outside of work Keely enjoys walking or running with her little dog Archie and hanging out with family and friends.