Cosmetic Brow Tattoo

Cosmetic Brow Touch Up
Session One ~ $450
Session Two ~ $450
(Treatment requires both sessions 6 weeks apart)

Inclusive of the below:

Please allow 2.5-3hrs for your first visit, this is where a thorough consultation will be examined to customise your brow shape.
Follow up treatment appointment performed 6 weeks post your first initial visit (this is a MUST).
Colour matching & after care treatment with required information to maintain your brows.
A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required for all bookings including touch up appointments.

Cosmetic Brow Touch Up (existing clients only 18-24 months) | $450

Brow correction with previous cosmetic brow tattooing please get in touch for a brow consultation.


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The Difference between Microblading and Combination Brow Tattooing

Microblading Technique is performed using a hand tool, super fine micro blades that implant the pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. Creating a natural brow look, with defined hair strokes that copy your original hair pattern.

Combination brow tattooing utilises a digital tattoo method and a hand tool, creating a soft shaded through the mid-brow and tails, perfect for sparse or 'over plucked' brows.

What to expect?

Straight after tattooing the treatment area will look 20-30% darker than the pigment chosen, this will fade within 7-10 days after the procedure during the healing phase up to 40%.

Still unsure?

A full consultation is a great way to discuss further information required in regards to any medical conditions or contraindications that may effect the treatment in any way.

Pre-Brow Treatment: To get the best possible result for your brows it’s all about the prep!

Do not wax, pluck or tint your brows 3 weeks prior to treatment
Do no get any Botox/fillers or any facials 3 weeks prior
No spray tan/self tan/solarium two weeks prior to the area
Stop using any fish oil or Vitamin E products 2 weeks prior
Do not consume any alcohol 24 hours prior treatment
Do not take Aspirin or Ibuprofen or Panadol prior to treatment, this can cause blood thinning
No makeup to be worn on brow area, minimal foundation is best on treatment day
Avoid drinking coffee the morning of your appointment.

Maintaining Your Brows Post Treatment

Must not pick, rub or itch at the healing brows, this can cause loss of pigment/scarring
Exfoliation is part of the healing process (don’t worry)
Avoid using skincare that contains AHA, Lactic or Glycolic, this can strip the pigment colour
Keep the area clean from makeup/sunscreens within the healing stage. BB cream or mineral makeup is best suited
No Botox, fillers, chemical peels or any other facial treatments 4weeks post
Avoid hot steamy showers, saunas or direct water on the area for 10days
Avoid sweaty exercise for 1 week
No Fake tans/tanning to the face during the treatment process or until have been completed
It is necessary to keep applying the aftercare ointment to keep the area moist this will help the healing phase of the brows.

Does it hurt?

You may experience small amounts of discomfort throughout the treatment, small amounts of discomfort is expected, however we make the treatment as comfortable as possible. Throughout the treatment we are able to monitor the discomfort levels to make it as comfortable as possible per individual.

Cancellation Policy

Clients are required to pay a $100 deposit at the time of booking to secure their Brow Tattoo appointment. If for any reason you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, a MINIMUM of 5 days notice for all Brow Tattooing appointments.
This deposit will be held in credit to your treatment or used as a cancellation fee should you not cancel within the required period.  (for example, If your appointment is on a Friday, to avoid us forfeiting your deposit, you would need to reschedule on/before the Sunday before) this can also be done via email if clinic is closed.
Please note we are very strict with our cancellation policy as clients who cancel within short notice, not only cost the business but stop others from having the opportunity to make an appointment at that time.

Due to health and safety precautions we strictly just ask that it is just yourself at your appointment. Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thankyou for your understanding.