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cosmetic brow tattooing

Wake up with beautiful natural looking brows.

Appreciating the significant role that eyebrows play in achieving a perfectly balanced look for each client. 

Semi-permanent brows are the perfect solution for clients who have overplucked with little to no hairs, to clients who have full brows but are wanting to fill in their sparse areas.

Specialising in two techniques both Microblading/Feathering and Powder brows.

Let's chat if this is for you, book in for a consultation where your brow artist Em will discuss what technique will be best suited for you.


get skin fit with the guidance of a customised treatment program

O Pro Dermal Active Facial

Bring life and radiance to all skins by combining the power of cosmetic science and the nature of skin physiology. Pro Dermal Active, O-Biome Oxygenating Therapy works to correct and maintain core skin health and key skin conditions with customised activators and an Oxygenating microbiome. 

Designed to boost and support collagen production and block the chemicals that trigger muscle contraction during facial expression, an oxygenating treatment to bring skin back to life with a microbiome focus to support skin immunity, making it the perfect choice for all skins concerned with age management and age correction, fine lines and wrinkles.


Zuka Beauty is renowned for achieving transformative results for the most challenging of skin concerns, whilst providing and maintaining optimum skin health.


“Say hello to your healthiest skin.”


My absolute dream combo here, lash lift and brow lamination