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A masterpiece by PAYOT, and the result of research spanning several years, this exceptional formulation is the perfect alchemy between Saponaria plant stem cells and pure gold particles.

L’Authentique is a cell booster that works deep inside the skin to reinforce its self-regenerating power, and reveal beautiful and visibly transformed skin at any age.

Discover its extraordinary, velvety texture that fuses with the skin for lasting comfort and an incomparable effect. 

Active ingredients & benefits

Alpine Saponaria extract (Saponaria Pumila)

  • This plant lends it suvival power to the skin cells. It contributes to protecting the skin's own stem cells and revitalises them.  

Pure Gold  - 24 Carats

  • Pure gold is a strong antioxidant, strengthening the skin to make it more to external aggression. It improves the reflecting properites of the skin to bring back its glow.  

Ginseng extract (bio)

  • Rich in vitamins B + C and minerals as magnesium + calcium, recharges the cells energy to protect and preserve cells vitality. 

Reticulated & Encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid (Patented)

  • Improving the skin's natural water reservoir, plumps and maintains skin hydration levels. 


All skin types