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Crème N°2 Cachemire
Crème N°2 Cachemire

Crème N°2 Cachemire

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The microbiome is the complete set of millions of living micro-organisms present on the surface of our skin. A genuine extension of ourselves, it fulfils a role as a protective barrier.

Changes in these flora under the influence of different factors (UV, cold, stress, hormones, etc.) make the skin hyper-sensitive: the skin overreacts to these types of aggression and can no longer defend itself.
Drawing on these latest discoveries in skin biology, the Crème N°2 Cachemire strengthens and restores balance to the skin flora.

As well as this action, it moisturises and acts as genuine anti-skin stress care by calming sensations of discomfort and reducing irritation and redness.


Sensitive and reactive skin