Spray Tanning

Full Body Spray Tan | $40

At Zuka we use professional tanning products to deliver the fastest, darkest, longest lasting results available. Our 2 hour express tan formula of fast tanning actives with quad bronzing technology, is combined with powerful antioxidants and oils to help your tan develop faster, absorb deeper into the skin and create a tan to suit your skin type that lasts longer.

We care just as much about what goes into the products we use as the results that come out. Every product is free of parabens, contains 100% natural DHA and is vegan friendly.

​Choose how dark you want to go: Shower in 1 hour for a natural tan or leave on longer as desired, for a deeper, darker skin finish.


Moisturising antioxidants & oils | Streak free | Fast drying | No orange Tones | No fake tan smell