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The Pill + Your Skin

It’s a common misconception that going on the pill will balance your hormones and result in your hormonal breakouts clearing… however this is not the case.

We need to think of the pill as a piece of tape over a cracked water tank. As soon as you take that tape off, the crack is still going to be there and the water is still going to leak out. (if only we knew this when we were teenagers at the doctors with our parents).

The pill introduces synthetic hormones into our body which don’t have the same benefits as our real hormones.
 These synthetic hormones in our bodies play a similar role to our natural oestrogen and progesterone.

Because there is an increase in these hormones, they essentially shut off our FSH and LH, which are our hormones responsible for the growth and implantation of a female’s egg (aka ovulation).

The synthetic form of progesterone that they use has androgenic effect on the body. This suppresses the amount of natural androgen. Androgen is the female equivalent to testosterone, formed in both the adrenals and the ovaries.
Androgen is responsible for the amount and consistency of our sebum (oil) hence why the pill is so popular for acne because if there is less androgen in the body, there is less sebum production and pore blockage.

Oestrogen and progesterone levels fall (oestrogen has a very strong connection to collagen production and hydration in the skin, think menopause and how our oestrogen levels decrease leading to ageing, dehydration and thinning of the skin).

This is only a short-term issue for now because you still have adequate oestrogen in the body, just not as much as before so we have to think about dehydration mainly because this is the first tier of ageing.

As well as those female hormones, our androgen excessively switches back on, and this is where the excess oil comes into play. When there is an increase in our androgen, there is not only and increase in the amount of oil, there is a change in the composition of that oil, as well as increase in inflammation in the skin and an increase of damage in the cells that live in the oil glands = all causing ACNE/HORMONAL BREAKOUTS.

Ensure you are using skin care suited to your skin, because we need to remember that breakouts from oily, congested skin is different to a hormonal flare up.


Pulp Detox:
Purifying organic clay will help to refine excess oils while tiny beads of bamboo lift and remove congestion without drying the skin. Australian blue mallee eucalyptus and lemon myrtle help to protect the skin against breakouts and redness while fruit acids leave the skin feeling super smooth and fresh. Suitable for excessively oily skin types with breakout concerns.

Multi Juice:
Multi Juice micellar can be used as both a gentle cleanser and a toner to refine, hydrate and balance the skin. Suits oily skin and those looking for an on-the-go waterless cleanser. It is also perfect to use as your 2-in-1 cleanser and toner while traveling. Micro oil droplets from coconut and fruit dissolve makeup, excess oil and dirt to thoroughly cleanse, while hyaluronic acid and aloe vera work together to restore skin plumping hydration. Suits oily skin and those looking for an on-the-go waterless cleanser.

Super Drink:

Super Drink contains 6 potent actives that are clinically proven to deeply rehydrate the skin by increasing its ability to hold onto water for longer periods of time. Boosting hydration will reinforce the skins physical integrity, giving it plump fullness. This powerful and natural formula contains essential actives that will help prevent transepidermal water loss and restore deep hydration, leaving the skin feeling smooth, healthy and bouncy. Suitable for all skin types with deficiencies causing dehydration, dryness, thinning skin, fine lines.

Pimple Punch:
Pimple Punch contains 7 potent actives that are clinically proven to treat breakouts by targeting three key causes; bacteria, excessive sebum and inflammation. This powerful and natural formula helps to reduce sebum production, fight acne causing bacteria, heal breakouts and soothe redness for clearer and stronger looking skin. Suitable for all skin types with deficiencies causing oiliness, breakouts, congestion, acne, enlarged pores, blackheads. Not recommended to use while pregnant.

Good Juice Face Cream:

This has topical prebiotics which feed the good bacteria on your skin to make your skins immunity stronger, balance your pH (stop bacteria from entering). Bursting with potent anti-ageing and protective superfoods and probiotics, this moisture enriched silky-textured cream will help to restore the skins natural immunity against irritation, inflammation and infection, while awakening youthful processes within.

Speak to one of therapists to seek advice on what skincare would be best suited to your skin type and concerns.

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Stay away from dairy, refined carbs and grains: dairy and refined carbs have been linked to androgen production and the following effects stated above.

A good probiotic to restore your gut microbiome, which in turn will help with your skin’s overall health. Coming off the pill causes a dysbiosis in the bugs in your gut (an imbalance in the good and bad bacteria). This leads to not enough nutrients getting to the skin, as well as inflammation in the body which we don’t want nor need.

Fish oil!!! - We need an omega 3 fish oil derived from DHA and EPA. omega 3 in the skin is anti-inflammatory where omega-6 is inflammatory so we want to stay away from 6! These support the creation of our cells (making them big nice juicy grapes not shrivelled up sultanas), improves the barrier and pH of our skin (will stop bacteria from being able to enter so early into your skin and cause that inflammation and breakout), improves the quality and consistency of our sebum again.

Zinc - will help with inflammation, support collagen again, supports and helps balance hormone production (actually inhibits the active form of androgen) Our skin + digestion vitamins from JS health contain zinc as well as other ingredients to reintroduce healthy gut flora.