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Ways to Maintain Your Skin During Iso

We've put together a few of our favourite At-Home skin treatments to help maintain and address your skin concerns.

Put a little TREAT into your home-care maintenance

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A juicy mix, for your unique skin type. With a detailed virtual consultation, your Juicy Mixologist will work with you to determine your skin concerns and will then target these with a unique combination mask blend that is expertly blended to infuse essential nutrients and aids into the skin.
Your custom formulation will gently reset your skin's function.

Skin Type:
Customised to suit all skin types and concerns.
(Add this product to your checkout and leave a note for one of our therapists to get in contact with you to create your custom juicy blend).

3-4 Applications

Use within 60days

For a more intense 'At Home Facial' we recommend either adding the Facial In A Jar or Party Peel to assist in a mechanical exfoliation.

Home Derma Roller

If you want the convenient option for an at-home skin treatment, our Homecare Roller is an efficient DIY Derma Rolling.

Ideal for boosting your skincare regime, tiny needles penetrate the skin 0.25mm deep to stimulate cell regeneration and collagen production.

Favourite Fact:
When used in conjunction with your cosmeceutical skincare routine, our Homecare Roller can increase product absorption by 100%.
If you have dull skin, we recommend using the Homecare Roller with our Rejuvenate15 serum: A hydrating serum rich in Copper, minerals and peptides to assist in accelerating skin renewal, it encourages fresh, dewy, rejuvenated skin.

If you’re prone to pigmentation or mild congestion try the Homecare Roller with our Even Blend Serum to boost exfoliation and cellular renewal for clear, more refined skin.

We have a great at home package bundle with all 3 products Included for $149.95