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Eliminate glow busting toxins and waste!

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Who wants to accelerate the elimination of glow busting toxins and waste that have been building up while working from home? I know we do!

Why not take this forced break from us (we’re not crying, just leaking from our eyes) to strengthen and feed that beautiful skin of yours so that when you CAN come back in again, and lay in our warm and toasty treatment beds, we can hit the floor running and obtain the best skin results yet!

So we thought we would delve into our at home version of our insanely popular PRIN Lymphatic Therapy treatment.

This specially formulated tightening mask is designed to work with your circulatory system: the system that is responsible for nourishing your cells and tissues with essential nutrients (like essential fatty acids and amino acids), water and oxygen from the inside.

Fluids don't travel very far into the surrounding tissue, and therefor it needs a 'clear-road' free from debris (dirt and oils) so that these nutrients can get to their target (cells).  

It’s simple, wherever your blood flows your lymph is not far behind it.

Your lymph is a colourless fluid that moves slowly around the body transporting nutrients (alongside our blood) and removing toxins and waste from the tissue cells.

But like we said… this system is as slow as it comes.

If you think about it, our heart muscles are what pushes our blood around the body, the lymphatic system, unfortunately, doesn’t have this driving force. Add on the fact that we are all sitting inside with heating (bye bye hydration) as well as the gym being closed, crappy weather and our pantry/fridge has become more accessible (cya later motivation) our lymphatic system doesn’t have a whole lot working for it, rather a whole lot of working against it.

When these wastes and toxins lay dormant in the lymphatic system they tend to come out within the skin causing breakouts, dullness, irritation and redness.

This is when we layer on our tightening treatment mask to apply a short-term pressure to the skin that assists in activating these systems.

Rids dead skin cells
Increase oxygenations & cellular activity
Encourages new Collagen & Elastin formation
Detoxifies the skin

Acne & Congestion
Pigmentation & Uneven Skin Tone
Wrinkles & Fine Lines
Premature Ageing & Sun Damage
Scarring, Stretch Marks & Cellulite

Glowing Skin
Even Skin Tone = Smooth
Firmer & Tighter
More Hydrated = Plump
Reduced Fine Lines

This is a perfect iso treatment to prep your skin for your advanced in clinic peels/skin needling post iso. Helping to assist with healing and recovery, creating a healthy responsive skin to achieve the ultimate skin rejuvenation.

Flow State Kits $125 
4-5 at home facial treatments