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We feel like anything you read about the skin always starts off with “our skin is our largest organ” blah blah blah...
Aaannddd we’re going to be basic and say the same thing.

BUT it’s so true, and anyone that doesn’t know this needs to! 

Our skin may be our largest organ, but it is our laziest, and it has its right to be

Not only is your skin what keeps everything inside protected, it is also:

- Your immune systems first line of defence. It keeps nasty pathogens, from invading your body and damaging it.
- Your alarm system. For when you aren’t well, it lets us know through a rise in temperature or a lack of colour.
- Your waste disposal system. It helps eliminate toxins found in the blood stream (think back to the last time you had a few too many glasses of wine)
- Your thermostat. It sweats when we are hot, it shivers when we are cold, all to make sure that you stay at the perfect body temperature.
- Your sense of touch. As well as helping you feel hot, cold or pain.

Although sometimes our skin conditions can definitely be a result from an outside influence (whether that be pollution, or blue light stimulation, or wearing too much makeup and not washing it off… the list goes on) a lot of the time our skin is having its little “hissy fit” to tell you that there is something not linking correctly internally and you need to fix it pronto!

This is why we are SO passionate about having a holistic approach to your skin. Because let's be honest sometimes a quick fix overnight is not going to happen, especially when we are only looking at one or two pieces of the puzzle without knowing the whole picture we are working on.

The Hairline = The Kidneys
This could be in the form of thinning of hair, hair getting course or grey, psoriasis.

The Forehead = The Digestive System
The upper part of the forehead Redness, bumps or lines in this area my indicate inflammation or stress in the digestive area. Congestion may even mean a sluggish digestion system.
The upper sides of the forehead Can relate to the gall bladder area. Appears as redness, fine lines, pigmentation or breakouts. Commonly found in high animal protein diets and high acidity levels such as the Keto diet.

Between the Eyes = The Liver
The liver clears toxins (think alcohol/high sugar diets/processed foods) from the body. Redness, breakout or irritation in this area can be a sign of liver distress.

The Brows = Kidneys (Adrenals), Liver and Thyroid
Fine lines at the start of the brow, coarse brow hair or sparse outer eyebrow hair are all linked to our adrenals and high stress levels.
Breakouts on the outer part of the brow could be related to the thyroid and its health.

The Eyes = Stomach, Kidneys and Liver
Red Puffy Eyes Allergies or poor lymphatics
Dark Circles Lack of sleep, poor elimination or lack of fluids (water intake)
Brown/yellow hue on upper or lower eyelids Liver distress – medications, toxins, alcohols, high cholesterol

The Cheeks = Lungs
Red, hot swollen cheeks may be an indicator of allergy, sinus congestion, asthma, hay fever or pollution.
Could also mean an increased reactivity to active/non-suitable skincare products

Weakened Capillaries
Lung stress due to smoking. Possible signs of low Vitamin C levels.

Possible symptom from a recent cold, flu, sinus congestion or medication.

Breakout, lower cheeks
Gum or teeth problems, such as tooth decay, gum disease, impacted wisdom teeth.

Breakout, Jaw & Neck
Hormonal or stress related

The Mouth
Dry, cracked lips may be an indicator of poor digestion or low gut flora possibly connected to recent antibiotics.

Cracks at the corner of the mouth
Possible low iron or vitamin B levels

The Chin
Side of the Chin
Reproductive organs in both women and men.
Monthly breakouts can signify ovulation.
FUN FACT: In most cases the side you ovulate will correspond with the same side that you breakout on.

Middle of the Chin
Related to bowel.
Blackheads, congestion or redness can indicate an imbalance in gut microflora.
(In this case Probiotics can be introduced into your daily routine to add healthy bacteria and fight against this imbalance)